Help: Ordering Oil - Getting a Quote

To get your instant online quote for tankered oil, complete the form as follows:

  1. Quantity: enter your required volume in litres, or your maximum budget in EUR.
    The minimum volume we can accept is 300 litres. Note that suppliers are unable to deliver more than the stated volume, however they can of course deliver less if your tank will not hold the full amount. You will be refunded automatically for any under-delivery. Please try to order as accurately as possible to avoid any delivery problems.
    If you prefer to specify the maximum cost for your oil, please enter your cost in EUR in the EUR box provided (and leave the Litres box empty). We'll then display your quotes showing the maximum volume available within your specified budget.
  2. Region:
    Please enter the region that you want the oil delivered to. We need this in order to calculate your quote from oil suppliers in your area.  If your region is not listed please contact us..
  3. Email: if the email field is shown, please enter your email address. If you are already logged in, the email field is not shown.
  4. Oil type: please select which type of oil you need.
    Kerosene 28 heating oil - also referred to as Domestic Oil or 28 second oil, is orange/red in colour, and is the most common fuel used in modern burners. It is a clean burning fuel and is suitable for indoor use in cookers and ranges.
    Gas Oil - also known as Home Heating Oil, Marked Gas Oil, Green Diesel or 35 second oil is green in colour and is used in older domestic burners. It is only suitable for use in outdoor burners. Farm machinery operates on gas oil.
  5. Tanker type: Please select vehicle type.
    A standard tanker or 6-wheeled tanker is approximately 8m long and 2.5m wide and is used for deliveries where access is not a problem. You should not choose this option if you know that one or more suppliers cannot deliver to your address using a 6-wheeled tanker.
    A 4-wheeled tanker is approximately 7.5m long and 2.5m wide, and has a smaller turning circle than a 6 wheeled tanker. This option does not qualify for group savings. BoilerJuice cannot deliver if a smaller vehicle than this is required.
  6. Click the Get Quote button to get your instant online quote.

If you are having trouble ordering your oil, please contact us and our Customer Service team will be pleased to help you.